Peter Choe


Peter Choe, who was born in the United States and grew up in Asia, is an entrepreneur who has always lived from an international perspective. He believes in the value of synergies between people and the ecosystem. He is a dreamer who leads a life in the direction of making a better world. As the founder and CEO of Contents Holdings, he has launched BLINTN a media content distribution B2B platform, to innovate global media B2B industry and fulfill his goal of expanding better content to more places. The content distribution industry is at a crossroads due to the explosive growth of OTT and the resulting globalization of content. By reflecting his professional experience in rights distribution and his understanding of the media industry in technology, he is providing a platform that meets the demand for change. As a result, less than a year after its launch, it has developed into a platform that is actively used in more than 50 countries. He is leading the development and integration of the industry by applying technology, legal knowledge, and financial techniques to the media industry. As the founder and representative lawyer for Culture & Law, a law firm specializing in media and entertainment in Korea, he was able to gain insights into the media industry from a variety of perspectives. As Korea's representative of the Golden Equator Group, which is creating solid value in the finance sector, including PE, VC, and asset management across Asia, he is also building strong expertise in the financial field. He believes in the power of the people and puts a great amount of energy into building a space where world opinion leaders can interact together and shape the future of the industry. In addition, as co-organizer of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, one of China's leading business schools, Executive Education Program on Creative Industry, he is committed to developing in-depth exchanges between media and entertainment enterprises in China, Korea, and Japan. Since he believes deeply in the potential of young people, he has been continuously sponsoring the Association of Humanities and Management of Korea's top-tier universities since 2017. He hosted cultural activities and lectures with major foreign embassies, chambers of commerce, and cultural centers for college students in Korea, and carried out his main mission of reallocating and exchanging information. His journey is now just the beginning, with a goal of creating the most respected and influential charity foundation in the world.

Education & Credentials

  • Bar Admissions: Republic of Korea J.D.
  • Hanyang University School of Law, 2012 LL.B.
  • Bachelor of Business, Yonsei University, 2009