Oded Distel

Tal Ya Agriculture Solutions

Tal Ya is teaming up with mother nature to create an ideal microclimate to the roots of young trees and vegetables plants. The product is simple and brilliant at the same time. Oded is taking a small and promising company to fulfill its true potential and improve agricultural globally.

November 1995-May 2019 Oded Distel was the Founder and Director of "Israel NewTech" - Israel’s worldrenowned National Energy & Water Program at the Ministry of Economy & Industry. The pioneering program has spearheaded Israel’s water and energy eco-system. "Israel NewTech" brings all stakeholders – start-ups, entrepreneurs, companies, multinationals, academia, regulators, policy makers and investors - to cooperate and build smart solutions to global challenges. Israel NewTech is recognized as a successful case study of an innovative and effective way government can be involved in fostering an ecosystem. The program has been studied and emulated by several governments throughout the world. Oded played a pivotal role leading the program, and he is recognized both in Israel and internationally as the leading expert on Israel’s water sector. Oded was selected to the list of the 100 most influential people in the Israeli hi-tech arena, by the prestigious "Geek Time" website. Prior, Oded was the Director of the Investment Promotion Center (IPC) "Invest in Israel". The IPC serves as the marketing agency for foreign investments in Israel. Oded holds a B.A. in business administration and an M.B.A. both from the School of Business Administration in Tel Aviv.