Madan Padaki

TiE Bangalore

Madan Padaki is an entrepreneur working at the intersection of transforming youth, enabling entrepreneurial journeys & empowering social changemakers. His vision is that every youth is an empowered youth, every empowered youth is an entrepreneur & job-creator and every entrepreneur is a social changemaker! Madan Padaki is the Founder & CEO of 1Bridge, a village commerce network that delivers digital financial services & aspirational products to our villages - bridging access, choice & convenience gaps for our rural customers, while enabling a shared digital service, sales & last-mile delivery network for our partners to reach these villages. Today, 1Bridge is present in 75+ districts across South & East India and has over 10,000+ village 0entrepreneurs engaged in delivering services to village consumers.

A serial entrepreneur, Madan was the co-founder of MeritTrac in 2000, India's first skills assessment organization that was acquired by Manipal Education in 2011. He is also the Co-founder & Managing Trustee of Head Held High Foundation, a non-profit that aims to create abundance by youth transformation. He is the Co-founder of Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME), a network that aims to catalyze large-scale job creation by bringing together Government, Businesses & Civil Society organizations to work collaboratively on igniting a mass entrepreneurship movement. He currently serves as a Board Member of YuWaah/UNICEF & is also the President of TiE Bangalore.