Shreyas Shibulal

Micelio Mobility

Shreyas Shibulal is the Founder Director of Micelio Mobility Private Limited. An engineer and entrepreneur with a background in embedded systems, Shreyas has a deep-seated love for automobiles that developed in his childhood. It was this interest, coupled with a passion for achieving social impact, that drove him to start a career in clean mobility.

Shreyas graduated from Haverford College and then pursued a Master of Sciences in embedded systems from the University of Pennsylvania. During this time, Shreyas maintained his passion for automobiles by working on projects in his free time and as well as taking internships at automobile companies. It was clear to Shreyas that he would work in the automobile sector after graduating, but the decision to work on clean mobility was heavily influenced by his upbringing. Born into a family legacy of philanthropy, he wanted to work towards a cause with major social benefit. Observing the increase of climate change and the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), Shreyas committed to improving the state of clean mobility in India. This is the purpose of Shreyas' first venture Micelio Mobility, whose purpose is to nurture the EV ecosystem and be a catalyst for clean mobility solutions with a clear social impact. The first initiative of Micelio Mobility was the Micelio Fund, an INR 150 crore commercial venture capital fund with a specific focus on EVs and related subsystems that launched in 2019. One of India's first seed funds focused solely on clean mobility, the Fund invests in innovative startups in the EV ecosystem in their early stages.

The Micelio Discovery Studio, the second initiative of Micelio Mobility, was an outcome of the learnings from speaking to startups through the Fund. Shreyas realized that because of the nascency of the EV industry, many startups lacked access to expensive testing equipment and labs. The Micelio Discovery Studio uses a neutral, membership model to provide startups state-of-the-art infrastructure in a robust collaborative workshop space. This allows them to not just test and prototype products, but interact and collaborate with each other as well as the whole EV ecosystem on knowledge, customers, and partnerships. Shreyas next ventures include an EV powered logistics business as well a company that manufactures purpose-built EVs that can be used for cargo. Excited by mobility and driven by social consciousness, Shreyas is well on his way to powering a comprehensive Electric Vehicle platform for India.