Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)


Rajashree is the Chief Marketing Officer of TCS. Before starting in this role 2020, she lead the Retail Practice at TCS for 15 years engaging with leading global driving their transformation and innovation programs.

Under Rajashree’s leadership, TCS’ brand value grew by $1.4 billion over the prior year in 2021 and was ranked among the Top 3 most valuable brands in the IT Services sector globally according to the Brand Finance 2021 report. She is passionate about the art of storytelling and is a proud custodian of the global TCS brand.

In her previous role as the lead of the Retail practice, she was instrumental in developing a market leading product portfolio (TCS Optumera, TCS Omnistore) for TCS backed by cutting-edge research. Rajashree has also been instrumental in conceptualizing TCS Algo Retail, which is a paradigm shift in the way retailers do business. Doubling up as the Retail CTO, she developed a future ecosystem connector that brought together industry, academia, startup to collaborate on topics like Future of Stores. She also conceptualized and led the Retail Innovation Lab which researches and experiments with new technology innovations in retail. Over 100 solutions have been incubated in this lab.

Rajashree started her career nearly 25 years ago and spent the initial few years in the field of Brand and Marketing and has lead transformation and innovation programs for leading retailers worldwide.