Nopo Nanotechnologies India Pvt Ltd


Gadhadar Reddy, the CEO of NoPo Nanotechnologies, is a respected figure in the realm of nanotechnology, renowned for his work in developing and leading the advancement of HiPCO® Carbon Nanotubes manufacturing technology. His stewardship has significantly contributed to India’s rise as a prominent player in the global market for Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNTs), a material integral to numerous sectors such as space, defense, electronics, and water treatment. Driven by a vision to democratize space access through the effective use of carbon nanotubes, Reddy’s leadership has led to NoPo Nanotechnologies becoming an industry standard-setter in the field.

Reddy, a dedicated scholar, holds a BE in Electronics & Communication Engineering, an MS in Molecular Sciences & Nanotechnology, and an Honours diploma in Space Sciences. His impressive education was further enhanced by programs at renowned institutions such as Singularity University and the University of Oxford. In 2011, alongside Dr. Robert Kelley Bradley, co-inventor of HiPCO®, Reddy cofounded NoPo Nanotechnologies, solidifying India’s reputation in the global semiconductor scene. NoPo’s Carbon Nanotubes have since set a standard in the industry, finding applications in diverse sectors such as electronics, automotive, defense, and space. Notably, NoPo Nanotechnologies has been recognized as a toptier technology start-up in India, acquiring multiple prestigious awards, reflecting its excellence in the domain.