Exfinity Ventures


Chinnu Senthilkumar is a Managing Partner at Exfinity Venture Partners, an enterprise technology-focused VC fund with an emphasis on Indo-US and Indo-Singapore tech startups.

Along with Infosys ex-CFOs and Wipro ex-CEO, Chinnu co-founded Exfinity Venture Capital Fund, focusing on cutting-edge technology startups focused on AI, Computer Vision, Enterprise SW, Cloud Infrastructure, Robotics, Silicon HW, and Electric Vehicles. Exfinity walked the talk of “Make in India” for global markets, and their portfolio companies count > Fortune 500 clients and have filed > 350 patents.

Prior to Exfinity, for about 20 years, Chinnu held progressive Technology Executive roles at Intel, SanDisk, and Texas Instruments, both in the US and India, and holds 9 US patents. In the capacity of SanDisk’s Country Head, Chinnu spearheaded SanDisk’s (now part of Western Digital) India operations in the areas of R&D, operations, and IT outsourcing. Today, SanDisk India houses 25% of its global R&D and has filed several hundred patents.

Chinnu, an innovator from a young age and received the “National Technology Award” from the President of India at the age of 21. Chinnu received his Masters from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, US, and his B.E. from the College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai.