Adapt Ready


Shruthi Rao is co-founder and CEO of Adapt Ready, an award-winning tech startup providing a sophisticated risk intelligence platform to navigate emerging and complex risks in the corporate, insurance, and financial services sectors. The company’s technology has wide ranging applications spanning from pricing risk to managing supply chain and climate risks to energy transition and beyond.

Shruthi is recognized by the Financial Times among the “Top 50 Female Future Leaders” and has been named “Champion for Action” by Grant Thornton. She is passionate about business ethics and sustainability, and an advocate for gender diversity. A recognized thought leader, she is frequently invited to speak at conferences and forums on diverse topics, ranging from ethics and climate change to insurance technology and AI. She co-authored the book “Theories of Change,” outlining how and why the insurance industry should lead the way in addressing climate change.

Prior to founding Adapt Ready, Shruthi worked as a management consultant working closely with Clevel executives and risk managers on the insurance buyer’s side and brings a deep understanding of dynamic supply chains, corporate sustainability, and the threats of climate change.

Shruthi has a degree in electrical engineering and an MBA in global management. An intrinsic problem solver at heart, she enjoys building creative solutions to complex, real-world challenges. Having traveled extensively around the world and lived in four continents, she has an in-depth understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures.